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Passenger transportations of any type

“Gold Transit” is a competent and experienced service provider in the field of passenger transportations. We ensure a high-quality and reliable service, as we carry out strict recruitment policy of the qualified personnel and take care of the safety and repair of our vehicles.

We offer you vehicles from our fleet ranging from VIP class to comfort-class. You should choose the vehicle yourself by taking into consideration individual purpose of the trip.

Passenger transportations with a posh vehicle is very suitable for the organization of wedding or any other events and comfort class vehicles will help you in fast and cheap delivery of passengers through the capital or the country. “Gold Transit” will help you to choose optimal vehicle, calculate necessary amount of seats and advise with the variants of the most comfortable routes.

Our company also offers passenger transportation services via minibus for transportation of employees of corporate clients. Providing vehicle for your employees is a sign of your reliability, it also solves the problem of employees’ delivery to countryside office or workshop, as it considerably decreases the loss of working hours caused by the delays. Passenger deliveries can be both periodical (for example, transportation to a construction site) and constant (daily delivery to the office).

Passenger transportations via minibuses are very popular when meeting business partners and transferring people to or from the airport. When ordering such service the client puts the responsibility of timely delivery of the passengers and their luggage on our shoulders.

(+994 12) 555 00 66
(+994 55) 450 00 66
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