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“Gold Transit” company offers comprehensive assistance in the organization of relocation of summer cottages, which includes assemblage and dismantling of furniture, transportation of technical equipment, fragile things etc.

Relocation of summer cottages is a comprehensive event the main purpose of which is delivery of household items from the city apartment in complete safety. Our specialists pack all the necessary equipment, household items and furniture, ship them into the truck and deliver them to a destination point. The service also includes arrangement of furniture in the cottage and other respective measures.

Relocation of summer cottages sounds terrible by itself. Large trucks move through the traffic jam and transport your property to the countryside. But no need to be afraid. Our specialists will ensure high-level transportation of your property, they will select the vehicle which is not of afraid of difficult roads.

All the works are realized at a convenient time for the client. In order for the moving process to go smooth and easily, and without a need of a solution of unforeseen problems, main rules should be followed. Movement manager should work out a detailed movement plan on the basis of wishes and instructions of the client (the time of movement, packaging, dismantling of furniture etc.) he/she also works out a movement budget.

By ordering relocation of a summer cottage at us, You will spare your nerves and significant part of your budget and valuable time!

(+994 12) 555 00 66
(+994 55) 450 00 66
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