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Office Relocation

“Gold Transit” company will help Your office relocation process to go fast and smoothly. Moreover, You will enjoy the work done by our employees. In order this process to go fast and safely, we need to follow main rules. Relocation manager should visit the office for appraisal, understand the interior, determine the volume, and calculate the amount of packaging materials.

Afterwards, he/she calculates the optimal volume of the vehicle so that on one side to have all the things shipped, from the other side so that you will not have to overpay for a larger vehicle. He/she also calculates necessary amount of employees, and the quantity of furniture to be dismantled, since there is some furniture that is much cheaper not to be dismantled. Dismantling and assemblage of furniture is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the office relocation.

“Gold Transit” will realize the relocation at a convenient time and within deadlines specified in the agreement; it will provide financial guarantee of your property’s safety; it will accurately arrange the property of the company and personal things of the employees.

Services on the professional office relocation are realized in strict accordance with international standards and requirements. Relocation usually includes a range of works: delivery of packaging materials, packaging of interior items and other things, their shipment, transportation and arrangement.

(+994 12) 555 00 66
(+994 55) 450 00 66
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