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Apartment relocation

Apartment relocation is often compared to a natural disaster which sooner or later happens in everyone’s life. Chaos caused by the process can render a negative tint to such an enjoyable moment as moving into a new apartment. But only if you do this by yourself.

“Gold Transit” company can make apartment relocation easy and enjoyable. We are professionally engaged in relocation services. We guarantee that you will be surprised how this natural disaster can be turned into calm, easy and comfortable process.

In the course of the organization of the apartment relocation we take all details into account: we pack personal items, get rid of rubbish, ship and unload your property, do cleaning works, arrange the interior. And we fulfil all these works very accurately and almost without making any noise – your new neighbours will have no reasons to complaint.

Experience in the organization of relocations and transportation of cargo allowes us to develop flexible and effective solutions. We think over the whole process to tiny details to offer You comprehensive high-quality services.

(+994 12) 555 00 66
(+994 55) 450 00 66
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